First Time Insurance Buyers

Are you a first time insurance buyer? Whether it is your first car or first house, purchasing insurance can be quite confusing. The Dave Gansfuss Agency can advise and educate you on all your insurance needs based on the changes in your lives. When you buy insurance, you’re really buying something that you hope you’ll never have to use; however, if you ever do need to file an insurance claim, you’ll understand why the right amount and type of coverage is important. If you are a first-time driver buying car insurance, it is important to know the basics of car insurance options prior to purchasing an auto insurance policy. Because car insurance is new territory for first-time drivers, it might feel a bit overwhelming; however, car insurance is easier to understand if you sit down with an agent to make you feel more at ease.

As a first time homeowner’s insurance buyer, before you choose a policy, it is essential to establish your home’s replacement cost. Don’t just look for price when selecting your policy. A low price is no bargain if an insurer takes forever to service your claim. No discount in the world will make up for slow claims or no coverage when you need it. At the Dave Gansfuss Agency we will handle your claims fairly, efficiently, and quickly. You will be able to determine this from your initial visit at our agency.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, you need to discuss your insurance needs before you start your first job. Whether it is a store, office or shopping center call me to discuss what you need to know. Even your tenant’s coverage or lack of coverage will affect how a claim is handled.

Having all your policies with one agent, can give you a substantial amount of discounts and make organizing your policies much easier.