truck in the roadThere are certain types of vehicle usage that are not covered under a personal auto policy.  If you own a business and use a vehicle solely for the business, then you need commercial vehicle insurance.  Also, if your vehicle has commercial tags on it you should get a commercial policy for it. Another sign that you need a commercial auto insurance policy is if other employees at your company are driving the car. With commercial auto insurance, you can insure your work cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks from damage and collisions.  Commercial insurance policies allow you to list employees as drivers so that the insurance company can properly underwrite the risk on the vehicle.  A vehicle getting regular business use is defined as one that is used for commercial purposes, on average, more than 3 times in a 1 month period. If your answer is “Yes,” then commercial insurance is right for you.  If you do any of the following, please sit down with us for a quote for commercial vehicle insurance and properly protect you and your business:

  • Carrying Equipment (ladders, supplies, tools, etc.)
  • Carrying Hazardous (or flammable) material
  • Carrying Housekeeping Equipment for a business
  • Equipped with cranes, winches, snowplows (not for use on private property only)
  • Towing for Hire
  • Delivery of Goods (including but not restricted to pizza, flowers, wholesale, retail)
  • Newspaper or pizza Delivery
  • Trucking – Local and long haul
  • Messenger, deliverer, chauffer
  • Taxi driver

If you are still not sure whether you need commercial auto insurance, please consult with us.