rvRV insurance is an important coverage because of the large investment you’ve made in your motorhome. It is also important because these are large vehicles that can cause major injuries and significant damage to other vehicles and property in an accident. Collision and comprehensive insurance limits are determined by you, the consumer. Be sure to consider how you will cover your costs if you are in an accident and do not have adequate coverage. It’s a mistake, on multiple levels, to blow off RV insurance. There are many valid reasons to take it seriously. Recreational vehicles, include all-terrain vehicles, classic cars, boats, motorhomes, snowmobiles, travel trailers… almost any conveyance that’s used primarily for fun. The Dave Gansfuss Agency can protect your investment from top to bottom. With RV insurance, you can select many types of coverage, including vacation liability, full timer’s, emergency expense and more. Your RV insurance policy can also protect your traveling companions and your valuables when you’re on a trip.